Tributes to Marshall Fritz

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Tributes to Marshall Fritz

When notice of Marshall's death went, we received many responses from people around the world. Here are some of those responses.

Dear Friends of Marshall:


I am deeply saddened by Marshall’s passing. However, I recall when, at the funeral of Joe Fuhrig a few years ago, Marshall opened his remarks about Joe with, “What a wonderful day to be a Catholic!” Marshall, and his son who was with him that day, were very pleased that I had recently crossed the Tiber into Rome. Out of death comes resurrection. For all his good works and his abiding faith, by the grace of God, Marshall’s new days really are wonderful.


Charles W. Baird Ph. D.

Professor of Economics, Emeritus

CSU East Bay, Hayward, CA




My heartfelt condolences to Marshall Fritz's family. He was a lively voice in the debate over education that will be missed by me and many others.


Charlotte Allen

Washington DC




Thank you. He will be missed.


Dorothy Erickson

Santa Rosa, CA




Thank you.  We will miss him.


Scott Stewart

Tucson, AZ




I am so sorry for your loss. Mr. Fritz emailed me back a few years ago when my father had a bout with cancer and that meant a lot to me. I have tremendous respect for him, and I know that his fight for the things that made America great will live on. Since his passing was on election day, did he live to know the outcome? I'm sure it wouldn't have surprised him.  I think that we will all see soon, under this administration, why Separation of School & State is so absolutely essential. The millions of confused voters are the sad result of generations of government-schooled indoctrination. Take care. We will miss him, too.


Dianne Neely

St. John, IN




Our family will pray for the repose of his soul today.  A great loss, but I know he pleads our cause before the Almighty.


Dan Connell

Richmond, NH




God rest his soul and may we see the dream of separation of state and school. Amen. God bless.  


J. Jude Roea




I am so sorry to hear about Marshall's passing. Marshall was certainly a kindred spirit who inspired me to be even more self-conscious about the freedom from government education vision and philosophy that we both shared. I honestly feel like I've lost a brother and a true friend and am deeply saddened.


Blaine Newton

Lawrenceville, GA




I am sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a wonderful man.

Sympathies and prayers,


Claire Tellier




I was very sorry to hear of Marshall's passing.  What a great man. 


Alex Knight

Jamaica, VT




I will remember Marshall Fritz in Holy Mass tomorrow morning during the month of November dedicated to the souls in purgatory. He will do more in eternal life for his cause than he possibly could have done here. With prayers and affection.


Fr. John Sejanus Tertius

Rev. C. J. McCloskey III

Chicago, IL




This fine gentleman was younger than I am by sixteenth months when he died. The praise is fully deserved.


Paul Gottfried

Elizabethtown, PA




Thanks for sharing your message Alan. Marshall was a most interesting fellow. Superb intellect, passionate about the causes he championed and unwavering regardless of the criticism levied against him and his beliefs. Unfortunately, I didn't know him well enough. Nonetheless, even a brief exposure left an indelible imprint of a principled human being committed to living a good life and doing the right thing. God will enjoy having him on board.


Alex McKenna

Saint Petersburg, FL




Ah...I am so sorry.  I really enjoyed his enthusiasm for life.


Paul Mero

Salt Lake City, UT




Thanks for the notice, Alan. He will be missed (until we meet again in Heaven).


Steve Kossor

Coatesville, PA




I went to high school with Marshall's daughter Anne.  He spoke at SJM about libertarianism and was an important mentor to me as I learned to think for myself.  I volunteered briefly in Marshall's office in about 1985 or 86.  I lost touch with him and Anne after graduation, but am saddened to learn of his early death.  I learned of it from a classmate today.


Marshall had a huge impact on my personal development and I am certain I owe him a debt of gratitude.


Sharon Rice, SJM Class of '87

Edmonds, Washington




Alan, thank you.  Having read your message, I don't know where to start in expressing how I feel.  If I were able to start, I doubt I'd know where to end.  Let's leave it at that for now.


Mark Higdon

Columbus, OH




He will be missed.


Richard Partridge

Brigham City, UT




A grievous loss. I will miss him. I think I actually met him in Tucson many years ago, but I'm not sure. But we did exchange emails at least a couple of times. We were homeschooling before it was "legalized" here. Although we didn't meet my lofty goals, we are glad we did, and we would never go back and do it differently.


Pat Goltz

Tucson, AZ





Marshall Fritz was a decent, kind and humble man.  Peace and friendship.


Vincent Lavery

Dublin, Ireland




Not only was Marshall a fellow Libertarian and school choice advocate of mine, but he was also a fellow classmate of mine. In the 1959/1960 school year, we both attended Institut auf dem Rosenberg in St. Gallen, Switzerland. He was in my German and Spanish class. The school wasn't a good one. Like my parents, Marshall's thought that because the school was in Europe, it had to be good. Most of the teachers were of poor quality and there often were no text books, just the teacher talking.


Finally, an incident happened where Marshall's parents listened. The headmaster wrote a letter to his father that sounded like he wanted Marshall out. According to Marshall, when his father asked the headmaster when he wanted Marshall out, the headmaster said that it was a misunderstanding, that the school would straighten Marshall out etc. When his father took Marshall out and put him in a school in California, the headmaster wouldn't send transcripts of Marshall's grades to the new school. His father's boss was friends of the US ambassador to Switzerland, and he put pressure on the school.


I think that this may be when Marshall was first concerned about education. I reconnected with him in 1999. My Cousin decided to home school his son and I filled Marshall in on how he did. We agreed to disagree on evolution vs. creation but respected each other's right to our beliefs. He will definitely be missed.


Ken Mitchell

Newburgh, NY




Our condolences to you for such a great loss. While Marshall was alive he had us book him on some talk shows to get out the issue regarding leaving the public school system. Please let us know if you have another spokesperson who would like to continue to get out that message on radio and television talk shows. Thank you and again, our condolences.


Jerry McGlothlin

Naperville, IL

CEO, Special Guests




Thank you for sending word. Marshall lived and lives in God. His life is an inspiration. May your strength be renewed. Offered Christ Jesus' name,


Candace Smith

Arlington, VA






Bob Klar


Burlington, NJ 08016




Thank you so much for getting this message to me. I am saddened, but I know that Marshall was well prepared to meet Our Lord and will reap his reward. Please pass on my condolences to all his friends there.


I am happy that Separation is in good hands, and I hope that we can stay in touch.


Christine Vollmer

President, Alliance for the Family-AFF

Washington DC




Thoughts and condolences to Marshalls' family and friends.  He will be missed. Blessings to a long continued march to proper education for our children in Marshall's name.


John & Lucy Willms

Nanaimo, BC




I only met Marshall once, but he made a huge impression.  I went to the tribute that was held for him at SIR in Hollywood as a favor to my mother Margaret Mathers who was unable to attend.  What a strong inspirational man.  I will remember my brief encounter with him always. Thank you for letting me know.  I will pass this on to my Mom.  He was an inspiration for her in many ways.


Marilyn Moss

Farmington, MN




Thanks Alan for informing me of Marshall's death.  I will be praying for his family.  From the first time we met, Marshall treated me as a friend and for that I am grateful.  I trust things are going well with you.


Glen Schultz

Albany, GA




Thank you very much.  Although I never met him, he seemed to be quite a guy.


Shawn Jipp




Thanks. This is sad news.


John Goodman

Dallas, TX




Thank you for being there for him, Alan.  I know how much he was supported by you and your family. He has been in my thoughts recently, and I have been wondering if his illness was terribly difficult.   My dad died recently from colon cancer, but, he was never even in pain, even to the last day.

He finally just decided to "let go", which he symbolized for me, by dropping the kleenex box off his bed, which normally resided at his side.  The nurses were telling him to "let go", and I was saying, "I think you can beat this thing, dad". I found him in the morning. Thanks, again, for your faithfulness to Marshall, and his vision. I remember talking to you when you first moved out to CA from the bike shop.


Margi Wallo

Sterling, VA




Thank you for informing me of Marshall's promotion from the Church Militant to the Church Triumphant.  He was a courageous pioneer, an independent thinker, and above all, a Christian friend.  I will miss him, as will many others.


John A. Eidsmoe

Colonel, Alabama State Defense Force

Pike Road, AL 36064




I was so sorry to hear of Marshall's passing.  I was out of town at a conference and did not learn of his death until returning the evening of November 7th. I have the fondest memories of the wonderfully spirited discussions we had over the years. He always challenged my thinking and caused me to better articulate my views. I loved his humor and insights.


I remember well one of his comments to me. He said, "Larry, you are such a terrific public speaker and advocate for public schools, you have almost convinced me that the work of the church could be done in public schools...almost." And then he laughed a laugh that only friends could share and understand. He knew that I was a Baptist Minister and Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, "an interesting combination" he would say.


We had a friend in common, Adrian Bacome, who went home to be with the Lord many years ago.  I am sure that they are continuing their talks now.  I will never forget our friendship and time together.

He will be missed.


Larry Powell

Fresno County Superintendent of Schools

Fresno, CA




Thank you. It's moving to me that he went home on my birthday. May God bless you as you carry on the work! Grace,


Andrew Kern

CiRCE Institute

Concord, NC




We received this news with sadness but tremendous appreciation for dear Marshall who was a giant in so many ways.  Thank you for including us in the mailing of the obituary.  If you have the opportunity, please convey to his family our utmost respect and regard for Marshall and his work which intersected with ours so many times.  He was a great support and colleague at the Council for National Policy, and a huge catalyst in the movement that still moves towards the fulfillment of his ultimate vision.  The day will come when the story is told and Marshall will be a key figure in it.


We look forward to the continuing relationship with the Alliance, and with you, Alan, going forward. Blessings,


Carole Adams and the FACE staff

Chesapeake, VA


This is sad but as you would say expected.  Marshall and his family are in our prayers.

Bob Hale

Minot, ND


I am so sorry to hear that Marshall lost his brave battle with cancer, but of course he has won his crown in heaven.  I will be praying for his family and staff.  He was a wonderful man.


Barb Weller

Largo, FL 


Marshall was indeed a wonderful man. I was privileged to have the opportunity to know him. Interesting that he would pass away on election day. He will certainly be missed. Blessings.

Rev. Austin Miles
Oakley, CA


Oh how I wish I had one more time to speak to Marshall and hear that booming voice of his. He told me the last time he called that later he would be calling me to say good-bye. But I never got the "good-bye" call. My condolences to you, Alan, and to the country for the loss of this great man.


Fran Griffin

Griffin Communications

Vienna, VA



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