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Marshall Fritz Health Update

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Marshall Fritz Health Update

Dear Alliance Friend,


Many of you may already know that our founder, Marshall Fritz, is facing some serious health issues. We knew you would want to keep up on his condition and possibly pray for him and send him a note of encouragement.



NOTE: The update we had posted for a couple of days has changed since Marshall's latest visit to the doctor. The outlook regarding his pancreatic cancer does not look as good as it did. We will be posting a new update as soon as possible.


In the meantime, please keep Marshall in your thoughts and prayers. As we suggested before, notes and goodies are still in order.

To send Marshall a note of encouragement (or one of your local goodies):


Marshall Fritz

Alliance for the Separation of School & State

1071 North Fulton Street

Fresno, CA 93728


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 Last Updated March 13, 2008

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