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Vol. 1, No. 4 - July 4, 2007

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They've almost persuaded me, says editor Gary Ledbetter

by Tammy Drennan

Originally published in Alliance e-Notes, Vol. 1, No. 4, July 4, 2007 

As all of you well know, there are many reasons people support getting children out of state schools.  For some, it's a practical concern, for others a freedom issue and for yet others a religious conviction.

For most, though, it's not an issue at all.  It's not something they've ever given a thought to – or worse, it's something they actively refuse to think about.  So, it's refreshing to see someone explore the concept – in print – with unbending honesty.


That's just what Gary Ledbetter has done in his powerful editorial "Almost they persuadeth me" in a special edition of the Southern Baptist Texan.  This magazine was distributed free of cost to everyone who attended the 2007 Southern Baptist Convention in San Antonio this month.  

We've reported in the past on the resolutions to remove children from public schools submitted to the convention each year and how they are repeatedly stopped in committee.  This year was no different, as Mr. Ledbetter predicts in his article, but the article more than makes up for the disappointment.

Here's an excerpt:


Every year, my enthusiasm for government-supervised education is harder to maintain. I fully expect it will be worse next year than it is this year. I also expect whatever problems it takes to push your buttons will eventually do so—in your town or the town of your grandchildren.


Frankly, I think it will be increasingly difficult for parents to honestly say they are responsible for the education of their children if they use public schools.


The idea of fully independent education is hard for folks to swallow.  What seems so obvious to us seems outlandish to others.  Sometimes planting a seed is a more effective communication tool than outright debate.


Mr. Ledbetter's article has planted many seeds (and he's not even an out-and-out supporter of independence).  I'm asking myself this week where I might plant a seed.  I'm thinking I'll send a note and a couple of links to a few individuals.


Mr. Ledbetter's article will be part of my package to two people.  And all of them will receive links to the Alliance site.  Here are the ones I plan to use (because they invite people to think):


Is there a problem with public schools?


What if families could choose any school they wanted?


Would you consider planting some seeds this summer?  Just a short note and a few links to some friends or acquaintances might reap some exciting results.


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