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Volume 1, No. 4

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July 4, 2007
Volume 1, No. 4

Dear Friends of the

Independence Day 2007 invites us to look at the tremendous benefit of our freedom.  What a gift we have received!

  • My trip with Marshall to Poland showed me how fortunate we are to have freedom at all - and confirmed to me that the most fundamental of our freedoms, and the most profound responsibility, is the formation and education of our own children.
  • Independence in action.  Dr. James Tooley demonstrates how the poor in the third world overwhelmingly (characteristically 70% of them!) recognize the need and benefit of rejecting the government handout and choosing independence for their own children's education.
  • True independence, in a way, is being unflinchingly honest with ourselves.  Gary Ledbetter show us how in his bold article distributed to the whole Southern Baptist Convention.  Once again the real action isn't the resolution to remove the children from government-run schooling.  This time it is the voice of an honest man.
  • Julie, a follower of the Alliance's message of independence, thanks us for "insuring the future of the American way of life."  WOW!  Thank you, Julie, for your blessing.
Read and enjoy - and think of someone you know who needs to know about educational independence.

Alan Schaeffer
Alliance for the Separation of School and State

World Congress of Families

In May Marshall and Alan had a fantastic opportunity to attend the World Congress of Families in Warsaw, Poland
 (thanks to the generosity of one of our donors).  The possibilities that came out of that trip are more exciting than we ever expected.

Of course, Dr. James Tooley and the
2006 Alexis de Tocqueville award are a major highlight.  Marshall and Alan presented Dr. Tooley with the Tocqueville award for his work with third world countries - discovering and promoting for-profit and free-market schools serving the poor in India, China, and Africa.  His scholarship has thrown into question dependency of the poor on government and demonstrated that free markets provide genuine accountability where it counts most - a child's parents!

The award, a wooden box personally picked out by Marshall, was acknowledged by many - including Dr. Tooley - as the most beautiful award of its kind they had seen.

To get a feel for the Congress, we thought we'd let you know how it went by way of Alan's photo journal in the right column.

They've Almost Persuaded Me,
says Editor Gary Ledbetter

by Tammy Drennan

As all of you well know, there are many reasons people support getting children out of state schools.  For some, it's a practical concern, for others a freedom issue, and for yet others a religious conviction.

For most, though, it's not an issue at all.  It's not something they've ever given a thought to - or worse yet, it's something they actively refuse to think about.  So, it's refreshing to see somone explore the concept - in print - with unbending honesty.

That's just what Gary Ledbetter has done in his powerful editorial, "Almost they persuadeth me," in a special edition of the Southern Baptist Texan.  This magazine was distributed free of cost to everyone who attended the 2007 Southern Baptist Convention in San Antonio this month. 

We've reported in the past on the resolutions to remove children from public schools submitted to the convention each year and how they are repeatedly stopped in committee.  This year was no different, as Mr. Ledbetter predicts in his article, but the article more than makes up for the disappointment.

Here's an excerpt:

Every year, my enthusiasm for government-supervised education is harder to maintain. I fully expect it will be worse next year than it is this year. I also expect whatever problems it takes to push your buttons will eventually do so--in your town or the town of your grandchildren.


Frankly, I think it will be increasingly difficult for parents to honestly say they are responsible for the education of their children if they use public schools.

[Read more] 

Letters to the Alliance

Dear Alliance:

Would you please accept my grateful thanks, and pass it along to your network of homeschooling moms?  The more I see of the nonsense coming out of the public school system, and the illiterates it is producing, the more I believe you are insuring the future of the American way of life.  God bless you one and all.  Thanks. 


Blog Update

Alliance senior writer Tammy Drennan's blog has six new posts awaiting your comments

Dear Dr. Walter Williams: A public letter to economics professor, author, and Rush Limbaugh stand-in, Walter Williams, regarding his recent column on school vouchers.

School-Choice: A Response to Mr. Rich: In Response to School-Choice Strategy by Howard S. Rich (in the Wall Street Journal)

Say Yes to Vouchers (!)
Say No to Vouchers (?)
No Child Left Alone
The Last Great Christian Surrender

Thank you for your support!

New Web Feature

To showcase the photos Alan and Marshall took during their travels - and photos taken at various events Alan attended this year - we now have a photo gallery at our website!  

Please visit our
Gallery throughout the year to see what we're doing!


Happy 4th of July!

The gift of freedom is not ours to keep
.  We are truly blessed to have this heritage handed down to us.  It is up to us to give this precious heritage to our children.  No one else can do it.  Not exercising and defending that freedom will be costly - it will cost our children's and grandchildren's future.

So, enjoy your independence, but also pass it on by helping others
- your own children and those you care about.  Maybe you can even forward this to someone now.

Yours for independence,

Alan Schaeffer

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