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December 18, 2007

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December 18, 2007

Dear Friends of the Alliance,

The holidays are nearly upon us! We hope you're all finding time to enjoy your families and traditions.

We wanted to send you one more e-Links Bulletin this year because we have some compelling items to share. Below you'll find links to some thought-provoking articles and essays that will remind you of how fortunate you are in your understanding of liberty and how much others need to hear the message of freedom. Some items might even spark a lively conversation or two during your celebrations over the next few weeks.

We wish you all the best as 2007 comes to a close and a new year waits to greet us.

Alan Schaeffer
Alliance for the Separation of School and State



Brand New on our Quotations page:

Alliance Supporter Appreciates Website Resources

Excerpt:  I ... am a regular "lurker" on your website. As I have home schooled for thirteen years, I have shared many news article[s], web sites and general information with parents that are in a state of flux ...  [Read more]

News and Events

Protect your children!
by Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily
New National Poll: Nearly 40 Percent of "Ethically Prepared" Teens Believe Lying, Cheating, or Violence Necessary to Succeed
'Lockdown' enters the schoolyard lexicon
by Peter Gelzinis, The Boston Herald
Links to these articles and many more are found at our News and Events page.

Blog Items

We'd like to remind you that donations made by December 31 are eligible for tax exemption for this year.  We would deeply appreciate your help in reaching parents with the message of freedom in education.

You can
donate at our website or call our office toll free at 888-325-1776.

Wishing you peace, happiness, and liberty!

Alan Schaeffer
Alliance for the Separation of School & State

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Coral Ridge Ministries

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