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Vol. 1, No. 3 November 1995

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Letters to the Editor

Originally published in The Education Liberator, Vol. 1, No. 3, November 1995

Kudos on your first issue of The Education Liberator — I loved it! As a former private educator, I believe that the time is right to make this issue into a mass movement.


When I read Charles Johnsen's great article, "Small reforms, little victories" I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Since I spent many years in standardized testing, I have explained many of the concepts Johnsen used (eg, "distractors") to students and parents, only to have the uninformed shake their heads in disbelief. Clearly, Johnsen's attempts to make the test questions relevant to various types of students was a breakthrough; it is no wonder that the government schools snuffed out his ideas before they could take root.


Scott A. Kjar, Auburn, Alabama



The newsletter is wonderful. Please keep this going. Communication is vital and your clean, clear format speaks well for the message.


Jackie Osborne, Anchorage USD School Librarian, Anchorage, Alaska



My first issue of The Education Liberator arrived this morning. It looks great! I also visited your home page today. I am proud to be listed as a Proclaimer. Keep up the good work.


Robb Humphreys, Attorney, Raleigh, North Carolina



I had the privilege of speaking with Marshall Fritz at the Cascade Policy Institute meeting. He gave a very impressive and entertaining presentation on why we should separate school and state. I am very thankful that a person with his abilities has come forward to speak out on this issue.


Katharina Johnson, Homeschool Advocate, Oregon



Just got the first issue of the Liberator today — looks great! I like the historical allusion in the title. It no doubt bucks you up in moments of discouragement to remember that Garrison's cause looked more hopeless than ours...but EL's tone sounds like you don't need much bucking up! I like the assertion of inevitability, and I'm eager to read your reasons for believing separation is inevitable.


Brian Christeson, Attorney, Alexandria, New Hampshire



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