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Vol. 1, No. 4 December 1995/January 1996

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Originally published in The Education Liberator, Vol. 1, No. 4, December 1995/January 1996 

The Proclamation for the Separation of School and State has gone through 76 revisions over the last 18 months. We aren't pretending this is the final version, but we do think now is an appropriate time to acknowledge the people who have contributed to improving the Proclamation so far. Listed below, as much as our records show, are the 81 people whose suggestions were incorporated into the Proclamation — thank you! If anyone has been inadvertently left out, please let us know.




Chris Cardiff, San Jose, CA

Douglas Dewey, Washington DC

Cathy Duffy, Westminster, CA

Marshall Fritz, Fresno, CA

Terry Hahm, New Berlin, WI

Don Hauptman, New York, NY

Hal Jindrich, Mountain View, CA

Jeff Low, Upland, CA

Kevin McCready, Clovis, CA

Philip Mitchell, Montebello, CA

Carole Ann Rand, Atlanta, GA

Virgil Swearingen, Fresno, CA




Bernard Baltic, Lakewood, OH

Doug Bandow, Springfield, VA

Tom Bauman, Minnetonka, MN

Darren Belk, Fresno, CA

David Boaz, Washington DC

Dick Boddie, Huntington Beach, CA

Arni Burron, Greeley, CO

Peter Cappello, Santa Barbara, CA

Brian Christeson, Alexandria, NH

Barry Conner, Gainesville, GA

Kevin Cullinane, Newport Beach, CA

Steven Currie, San Diego CA

Steve Dasbach, Fort Wayne, IN

Diana DiMaggio, Fresno, CA

Laurie Dukett, La Verne, CA

Bill Dunn, Stuart, FL

Michael Edelstein, San Francisco, CA

Beverly Fitzpatrick, Fresno, CA

JG Ford, Austin, TX

Gene Fritz, Fresno, CA

Joan Fritz, Fresno, CA

Anne Gluch, Chino Hills, CA

Stanley Golomb, Clarendon Hills, IL

Jerry Gould, Cresskill, NJ

Dan Greenberg, Framingham, MA

Martha Gustafson, Fresno, CA

Henry Haller, Pittsburgh, PA

David Henderson, Pacific Grove, CA

David Hicks, Concord, NH

Russell Hittinger, Washington DC

Lewis Hodge, Knoxville, TN

David J Hosbein, Grass Valley, CA

Sharon Karraker, Fresno, CA

Mary Ann Larsen-Pusey, Fresno, CA

Mike Leahy, Aptos, CA

Dwight Lee, Athens, GA

Ellen Loegering, New Brighton, MN

Gibb Martin, Long Beach, CA

Mike Masterson, San Jose, CA

Dennis McCuistion, Irving, TX

John McManus, Appleton, WI

Jan Mickelson, Des Moines, IA

Jacqueline Osborne, Anchorage, AK

Dick Palmquist, Delano, CA

Fred Raab, Novato, CA

Fred Rabe, Fresno, CA

Ray Ransberger, Visalia, CA

Dick Rider, San Diego, CA

Chris Rufer, Woodland, CA

Lucie Ruiz, Fresno, CA

Ignacio Santesteban, Fresno, CA

George Schwappach, Abilene, TX

Hans Sennholz, Irvington on Hudson, NY

Kelly Simpson, Redwood City, CA

Neil Steyskal, Washington DC

Jack Stuart, Cloverdale, CA

Mark Swearingen, New York, NY

Virgil Swearingen, Fresno, CA

Charles Tavookjian, Fresno, CA

Clifford Thies, Winchester, VA

Jay Trachman, Fresno, CA

R Douglas Vogl, Fresno, CA

Perry Willis, Washington DC

Bob Wittmann, Lansing, MI

Jarret Wollstein, San Francisco, CA

Martin Wooster, Silver Spring, MD




Dan Rosenthal, Lafayette, CA

Richard Wallace, Irvine, CA

Stanley Walters, Villa Park, CA


Please note that not all contributors endorse separation.


This article is copyrighted by the Alliance for the Separation of School & State. Permission is granted to freely distribute this article as long as this copyright notice is included in its entirety.

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Some of the more
well-known signers of our proclamation:

Ed Crane
President, Cato Institute

John Taylor Gatto
1991 New York State Teacher of the Year

Fr. John A Hardon
The Catholic Catechism

Don Hodel
Former Secretary of Interior

D. James Kennedy
Coral Ridge Ministries

Rev. Tim LaHaye
Left Behind

Rabbi Daniel Lapin
President, Toward Tradition

Tom Monaghan
Founder, Domino’s Pizza

Ron Paul
US Congressman, Texas

John K Rosemond
Parenting Author, Columnist, Speaker

They and thousands of others have signed Our Proclamation

"I favor ending government involvement in education."