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Vol. 2, No. 3 April 1996

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Originally published in The Education Liberator, Vol. 2, No. 3, April 1996 


I thought you would enjoy hearing about an experience I "in the lion's den" sort of thing.


On a plane home one recent evening, I started making conversation with passengers around me. I found out that the group of four sitting across the aisle were teachers and counselors from a high school in Fremont, chaperoning students returning from a trip visiting prospective colleges in the San Diego/Los Angeles area. They were quite chit-chatty as we all settled in. Then suddenly, it became obvious that the conversation had abruptly died. I couldn't figure out what I had said that might have caused this...until I looked down at the reading material on my lap: The Education Liberator!


With that title and "Homeschooling" plastered all over the front page, I certainly was impressed at how "influential" I could be in the matter of a split second! I grinned like the Chesire Cat all the way into Oakland and was impressed at the wide berth given me as we all de-planed at the concourse. Leaving in front of them, I had the distinct sensation that they were sharpening their lead pencils and stabbing my image Voodoo-School style. So be it! Freedom works, and the concept can be mighty scary to some.


Cynthia Moi

Sonoma, California

(The writer is a trustee of the California Homeschool Network)



Thanks for sending me your newsletter. Very nicely done, with excellent content.


Jack Dean

Fullerton, California


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