The Education Liberator

Vol. 2, No. 7, August/September 1996

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Rosemond Praises Eucation Liberator

By John Rosemond

Originally published in The Education Liberator, Vol. 2, No. 7, August/September 1996 

Nationally-syndicated parenting columnist John Rosemond praised our newsletter in 120 newspapers from the Atlanta Constitution to the Spokans Record, from the Fresno Bee to the Charlotte Observer. We've received 18 new subscriptions so far. Joined by Peter Breggin, John will be speaking at SepCon '96 on the topic, "Drugging Children for Peace & Quiet: ADD & Ritalin Reconsidered."


The Education Liberator, the monthly newsletter of the Separation of School and State Alliance. This 8- to 10-page publication is not only visually attractive and interesting, it's also full of interesting news and information concerning the growing movement to dissolve the relationship between public schools and government. Indeed, nothing within is politically correct, but lest one think The Separation Alliance is a fringe organization driven by wackos, quite an impressive number of former state Teachers of the Year, former presidents of state chapters of the National Education Association, distinguished university professors, active and former public and private school administrators, and businesspeople are among its supporters. Marshall Fritz, who founded The Separation Alliance and publishes the newsletter, is one of the most interesting men I've ever encountered. A valuable resource for anyone interested in parents' rights and educational issues.


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