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Vol. 2, No. 2 March 1996

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School Sakharovs

Originally published in The Education Liberator, Vol. 2, No. 2, March 1996 

Andrei Sakharov won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1975. From his position of eminence within the Soviet Union, Sakharov courageously denounced the failures of communism within his own country. School Sakharovs are educators who have worked within our educational system, have witnessed its failures first hand, and are willing to speak out about why they now favor the separation of school and state.

·       Candace Allen, 1989 Colorado State Enterprising Teacher of the Year, Pueblo, CO

·       John Boston, Learning Consultant, San Diego, CA

·       Joe Burton, 1995 Silver City High School Teacher of the Year, NM

·       Carolyn Carruth, Three-time school board member, Washougal, WA

·       Steve Dasbach, High school physics teacher, past president of NEA chapter, Ft. Wayne, IN

·       Douglas Dewey, President, National Scholarship Center, Washington, DC

·       Lorraine Dorn, Former Philadelphia public pre-school and elementary teacher, Scottsdale, AZ

·       John Egolf, Math and physics high school teacher, Monroeville, AL

·       Don Ernsberger, 27-year high school teacher, two-decade ACLU member, Warminster, PA

·       Michael Fuhrig, Retired high school social studies teacher (32 years), Hayward, CA

·       John Taylor Gatto, 1991 New York State Teacher of the Year, New York City

·       Sue Glassco, Former school teacher, Pasadena, CA

·       Stanley Graham, 19-year public junior high English, history, ESL teacher, San Diego, CA

·       Thor Hansen, 22-year public middle school teacher, retired, Fresno, CA

·       Karen L. Henry, Reading disability specialist, former public school teacher, Little Rock, AR

·       Richard R Hough III, Former education policy analyst, Arlington, VA

·       Kevin T. Irvine, 1991 Colorado State Teacher of the Year, Fort Collins, CO

·       Charles Johnsen, Author, Chicago Life Skills Test, Aurora, CO

·       James Jordan, Former math and physics teacher, Santa Inez, CA (deceased 12/28/95)

·       Steven Kossor, School psychologist, Coatesville, PA

·       Roger Krouskup, Former board member, Selma Unified School District, Selma, CA

·       Mindy Leary, Former public elementary school teacher, Anchorage, AK

·       Lyn Leffew, Physics teacher, Buffalo, MN

·       Janet Martin, Retired 6th grade teacher (32 years), Tempe, AZ

·       Peter H. McCandless, Former education professor., Univ. of North Florida; teacher, Kansas City, MO

·       Robyn Miller, Former public elem. school teacher, Billings, MT (now home schooling)

·       Pat Montgomery, Former public school teacher; Principal, Clonlara School, Ann Arbor, MI

·       Myron Nachbar, 25-year public high school Spanish teacher, former NEA chapter pres., HI

·       Ed Nagel, Former public school teacher; Principal, Santa Fe Community School, NM

·       Jacqueline Osborne, Librarian, Anchorage School District, AK

·       Kevin Ryan, Prof. of Education, Boston Univ.; Co-chairman, ASCD Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character, MA

·       Jaak Sanders, Special education teacher, Fresno, CA

·       Norma Segal-Beiley, High school teacher & ESL coordinator, Bronx, NY

·       Jack Simons, Former Supervisory Union school board member, VT

·       Charles Walker, Former Beacon City School Board member, Fishkill, NY

·       John Wardlaw, Former New Zealand public school teacher, Mission Viejo, CA

·       Lon Woodbury, Former public school teacher; Publisher, The Woodbury Report, ID

·       Stephen Ziegler, DDS, School board member, Pomfert, MD

·       Gertrude Zvonar, Retired public high school math teacher (30 yrs), Jarrettsville, MD


This article is copyrighted by the Alliance for the Separation of School & State. Permission is granted to freely distribute this article as long as this copyright notice is included in its entirety.

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