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The following are links to various articles written by Marshall Fritz.

A Practical Plan
Help parents remove their children from "public schools"
:  Momentary political victory in a period of crisis would be useless without victory in the hearts and minds of people. The Separation Alliance focuses on the necessary first step in accomplishing our mission-the building of a broad-based constituency for "Separation" ...

Bold New Vision of the Same Old Thing:

Bush's Education Program Repeats Past Failures
ExcerptEvery year, Lucy would convince Charlie Brown that this time she’d let him kick the football. After a bit of cajoling, good ol’ Charlie Brown would try again and “AAARGH!!”, our hero lies flat on his back... So it is with “education reform.” The politician says once again, “Trust me. This time we’re going to get it right!”

Can You Say "en-ti'-tle-ment?"

Excerpt: Prudence caused my switch away from vouchers; later, Principle ignited passion; now, political Practicality also convinces me that tax-funded vouchers are a bad idea.

Euphemisms mislead - Bluntness needed
Excerpt: Bobbie Gentry, of Jumping-off-the-Tallahatchie-Bridge fame, once told me, "Euphemism is a euphemism for lying"...

Four Ways Vouchers Harm Education
ExcerptThese four factors will change the culture of the private school to be more like today's government school. In other words, when the "Choice" advocates succeed, they won't enjoy the choice they are left with because the private schools will have become merely government schools run by private operators.

Freedom Lovers Against Tax-Funded Vouchers
List of prominent freedom-lovers who oppose tax-funded vouchers.

Learning about Schooling in Rural Colombia (en español)
Excerpt: A third-grade girl in a rural two-room schoolhouse surprised me with her answer to the question of why she likes her school: Because the students are taught that learning is their job and that the job of the teacher is mostly to help the students become self-teachers...

Red Pajamas, Blue Pajamas
Excerpt: In order to improve education, American parents must again be responsible for their children's education. This means nothing less than ending state, federal, and local government involvement with the financing and content of K-12 schooling. This will allow parents to make real decisions, not just choose between red pajamas and blue pajamas.

Restoring Parental Responsibility for Education

Excerpt: It is apparent why we have such an epidemic of parental irresponsibility: government has become the great enabler of irresponsibility and dependence. How to begin to cure it? …

Satan Has No Brakes
By Marshall Fritz and E. Ray Moore, Jr.
Excerpt: Government schools teach students — for 180 days each year for 13 years — that eternity is so unimportant that it's not worth mentioning... Government schools accelerate the failing culture in undermining Christian parents. They eradicate hope. They maximize alienation.

Sunday School, Monday School
Neither is the Business of Government (en español)
: Some people think that the American "public school system" is broken so they try to fix it. The truth is that public schooling is not broken. Rather, it is succeeding in its main objective — strengthen government by undermining parents...

Ten Benefits of School Liberation
By Marshall Fritz and Cathy Duffy, March 2002
What schools be like after transformation to school liberation!

Ten Good Reasons for Free Market Schooling
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Excerpt: Free Market Schooling means educational services are offered without compulsion or subsidy by any level of government. This means repealing the compulsion of financing, attendance, content, and state regulation of teachers and institutions that are central to today's "public schooling"...

Vouchers Are Bad News for Freedom Lovers
Excerpt: Conservatarians must see that there's no way to get good education based on coercion.

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