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Last updated April 2, 2007


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Writers' Handbook

Letter-types, Ideas, Resources,  Q & A, & Much More



If you love to write, the cause of freedom in education needs you! Our Writers' Handbook is intended as an idea-prompter and a source of examples and information to help you frame good arguments on behalf of educational freedom. We think you'll find it interesting and useful!



Letter-writing Thoughts & Tips

  • You know most of it. Just a few reminders & thoughts.


11 Letter-types With an Example of Each

  • The Informational Letter
  • The Praise Letter
  • The Praise/Criticize Letter
  • The Look What's Already Happening Letter
  • The Personal Authority/Expertise Letter
  • The Appeal to Authority/Expertise Letter
  • The I Object Letter
  • The Set the Record Straight Letter
  • The Point Out the Hypocrisy Letter
  • The Concede a Point and Make a Counterpoint Letter
  • The Jump-Off Letter


Beyond the Editor: Don't Stop Now!


There are many more people who need to hear the message.   Suggestions, starter ideas...


Writer's Resources to Use & Share

  • Find addresses of newspapers, magazines, legislators, more
  • Information to share (home, private, alternative schooling)


Q & A:  The Case for Separation

  • Case 1:  How did the government get so involved in education to begin with?
  • Case 2:  Why shouldn't the government be involved in education?
  • Case 3:  Does the government have a direct interest in an educated populace?
  • Case 4:  Can't we just reform public schools? I know a lot of good teachers.
  • Case 5:  How would people pay for private schooling? What about vouchers?
  • Case 6:  What about the poor? What about irresponsible parents?
  • Case 7:  What about special needs students?
  • Case 8:  What about tolerance and diversity?
  • Case 9:  Who will keep the private schools accountable?
  • Case 10: Is this really practical? Can it work?
  • A special word to parents.
  • A special word to public school teachers.
  • A special word to parents of faith.


Road to Freedom Series

  • This series of six short articles takes folks on an exploration of how we got where we are and how we can take back our freedom. You can invite your readers to participate by sending them to our Road to Freedom.


Other Resources

  • The Alliance Story: An Interview With Marshall Fritz.

  • Quotations: A good quote is a great way to start a letter, wrap it up or support your point of view.

  • Knowledge Base A compendium of articles and essays on every aspect of separation from the why to the how.  Here's where you can dig to your heart's content.  A great tool for researchers and truth-seekers.


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Writer's Handbook





Q & A

Much More!

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