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In the Spirit of Freedom

by Tammy Drennan, Alliance Senior Writer
Posted January 4, 2008

Tim Tebow grew up in Florida where he and his siblings were homeschooled. But Tim played football for a public high school, which led to professional football, a national championship and a Heisman trophy. This is success by almost anyone's standard.


But what if he had not been able to play for a public high school? What conviction would have won out in his parents' minds -- the one that said homeschooling was best for their son or the one that said this talented kid should get a shot at the pros, even if it meant compromising his education for life?


Here's what Tim's dad said about his decision regarding his children's education: "None of them would have played [football],” Tebow’s father once told the Florida Times-Union. "We weren’t going to back off our commitment to homeschooling just to go play football somewhere.”


Unfortunately, the talented and admirable Tim Tebow has lent his name to an effort to force public schools to allow homeschoolers to play on their teams.


Rather than demand that they be permitted to become part of the government system, maybe these homeschool parents could join the movement toward more freedom that was featured in The Wall Street Journal's article on "Do-it-Yourself Athletic Scholarships," something that would be much more in the spirit of homeschooling and would set an excellent example for their children.


The safety of our freedom lies in moving away from state schooling, not toward it. The opportunities for doing just that in every area grow by the year. By exercising our independence and creativity, we secure our liberty and our children’s future.


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