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Marshall Fritz passed away Tuesday, November 4, 2008, after a battle with pancreatic cancer. We are maintaining this site in his memory.

Goodbye! I Love You and Thanks for Loving Me
  --  (with “organizations to support in lieu of flowers”)




Los Angeles (completed)


On Saturday evening, June 21, attended a National Gala Banquet & Gathering of Friends of Marshall in Hollywood, Calif.


See details at /Events/gala.htm


Sponsored by Alliance for Separation of School & State. Another great success with 62 attendees, more wonderful short speeches.


Watch for the DVD/video coming soon from the Alliance.




Atlanta (completed)


Saturday evening, May 3, 2008: Advocates for Self-Government Dinner, Atlanta. Great success with 68 attendees, wonderful short speeches.




Fresno (completed)


Saturday afternoon, June 7, 2008: BBQ & Pot Luck Picnic sponsored by Fresno ad hoc Friends of Marshall Committee.


Another great success: 92 high water mark attendence, 115 total through the turnstyles. More great mini-speeches.


See pictures at /Events/FresnoBBQ.pdf



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