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Marshall Fritz passed away Tuesday, November 4, 2008, after a battle with pancreatic cancer. We are maintaining this site in his memory.


Jim Ray on August 30, 2008 at 12:52 PM said:

Hey Marshall. There's no way you remember me, but I sure remember you!! I'm from Florida, and the Advocates & SepSchool both rock IMO. Confound the pessimists and keep staying alive! (But just in case, ask for a write in ballot this time so death can't cheat you out of voting libertarian!) JMR



Alcira Agámez Orlando, Florida on August 30, 2008 at 12:03 PM said:

Hola, Amigo – Amigote (Sincere friend)... Marshall, I think that you got a big fortune with your family and friends’ love and dedication. It is a demonstration of how much important you are for everyone…But, it is the result of what you have given. It is this way because you are a very intelligent man who has received direct inspiration from God and you have used it to become a great inspiration to others. You must be happy because the security that your cause will not have end. Marshall, since the day we met in Bogotá, Colombia I felt a good connection with you and I knew you were a great man. I learned about you, your family, and work activities. I became a real admirer of your job. Even, we have lost contact last days; I am proud counting myself as one of your friends. I could not attend any gala because I went to Colombia since June to August; it was wonderful after 4 years living in this country. I want you know that I have read your articles, books, listened to your tapes, CDs, etc and I have shared them with other people. I want to see you again and I will be looking for the way to do it. I also would like to know if I can be of any help from here, please let me know. You and your family are in my prayers, and in my heart. God Bless you all.

Sincerely, Alcira Agámez (Bogotá, Colombia) Orlando, Florida



Janet Allen, Palmdale, CA on August 29, 2008 at 12:24 PM said:

Dear Marshall, I want to offer my prayers and well wishes to you and your family. Live your hopes and dreams and remember that we will go to a much better place than here. Where children can laugh and play and parents don't have to worry! You have been a wonderful inspiration to all of us who believe that God gave us dominion over the earth and our families. May God richly bless you and may you find comfort in His word each day. With warm regards, J.D.



Bill Martin on August 24, 2008 at 05:14 AM said:


I'm not sure if you remember me but I worked with you in 1980 campaigning for Ed Clark for President back in Fresno and Clovis. I was that college student who had no car but just a bike. Handed out literature door to door for Ed Clark and was part of the libertarian activism until 1983 (I had to turn my focus onto finishing college and get a career, which I certainly did). Off and on over the years I had a side interest in libertarian politics and watched you become nationally famous in Advocates for Self Government.

I remember in those early days you visited the Martin household. I worked on a newsletter for libertarians at that time. My father was a staunch Reagan supporter but enjoyed chatting with you during those visits.

You are a true American hero. You introduced thousands of people across the nation, perhaps also world to libertarianism. I thank you for that and my best wishes go to you.



Reverend Frank on August 19, 2008 at 07:51 AM said:

Hey, Marshall. I have been keeping You in My prayers. Just remember, You ain't dead, yet! In the words of Dylan Thomas, "Do Not Go Gentle into That Goodnight"!

Pulling all the strings I can with 'The Big One', The Radical Reverend



Donna S on August 18, 2008 at 11:30 PM said:

Mr. Marshall Fritz, (Marshall) How I did not know until I "googled" you... I did not know the greatness in which I stood:) I have also located the organization you have founded, a video on google video, and several 'one eyebrow raised' (thinking) sayings of yours. I have only scratched the surface. Our conversation will not be forgotten. Your humor was well met. In the short period of time, in the setting, I couldn't get into details why 10 minutes with you meant the world. My husband and I had a conversation about how to raise the children and what should consist in our every day lives just prior (that morning) to me meeting you. The long conversation consisted of tears, "what if you only had only so long" or "Tag... your it today" and then you find out that what you have done hasn't been enough. I guess losing my first husband and the job experience does that. Some people that I come in contact with "still don't get it" unfortunatly. I told him that I didn't want to wake up one day finding out that I didn't do enough for my kids or my family. I didn't want to live a meaningless life. So in short, You confirmed tonight what my husband and I had spoke about.(The hug was a thank you) Your living "It" and you have and are making a difference. So.... When I went home, I gave the family a hug and kiss, and then I spent about 1 hour going thru some web pages finding out more about you. I will stay informed and in contact. I am going to locate the movie and watch it because you have inspired me to do so. ("pay it forward" is another movie I find inspiring and well done) Knowing that you are in your travels, I wish you well and stay in good spirits.


P.S. Move your legs often while in your travels :)



Mary Kaye Godde Stamets on August 15, 2008 at 11:50 AM said:

Marshall! Oh, what a life led! I should know! I have been nearby 64 of your 66 years as your cousin! I am so happy we had dinner with you and your family last month and got to see in person your excellent frame-of-mind considering your medical condition. That means I can still tease you!! (And I promise I will.)

You know, over the years we talk about our varius relatives. I am reminded of my own father the day he died. He always was a good role model, and he left this world SINGING!!! So I have a question for you: When you leave us, what is the song you will sing?

We love you very much, Marshall. I have always enjoyed thinking outside the box with you, in search of the truth.

Thank you for being who you are and mostly, thank you for being part of my life.

With genuine cousin's love, Mary Kaye(and Leigh) Stamets



Clara Rose on August 14, 2008 at 10:21 AM said:

Hi Marshal I just wrote you about my nephew and I forgot to say where I was from I'm from St. John's Newfoundland.


Clara Rose on August 14, 2008 at 10:15 AM said:

Hi. Marshal reading all the positive comments you give, adds more hope to my heart that my nephew who has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and was told that he only had month's to live, that he still has a good chance at beating this. He has done all his bucket list with his family and he's not giving up by no means which makes all his family very hopeful. He's a strong person with a very strong will to live. I will always keep up with your progress. Good luck to you and I'll be praying for you and my nephew. God love you.




Richard M. Ask on August 13, 2008 at 09:45 AM said:

I have not heard from you or about you in some time. Always remember not me but my story ... Drs gave me 5 years to live in 1992 ... not only am I still here ... I celebrated 11 years clean July 27th.

I returned from the Ann Arbor VA hospital a few days ago. They have reduced my medications and the dosages. Yes I am still "challenged" but not dead.

Oh ya I have changed my prayer life. I ask God once for a specfic thing. Then I pray prayers of thanksgiving for I know he has given me what I ask.

Always you friend and fellow traveler Richard



Nicole on August 10, 2008 at 10:25 AM said:

We just went through taking care of my husband's grandmother with Pancreatic Cancer. She was diagnoised just after Memorial Day weekend last year and died on Dec. 15. She was 86 years old!! I had 3 kids under 5 at the time. She was a blessing for our family! My (at the time) 4 year old and her were VERY close! At one point he had a stomach bug and snuck into her room and I caught him laying with her, afraid of her catching a cold on top of the cancer I tried to shoo him back to his bed. But she would have nothing to do with that, and he was in heaven in her bed!! We lovingly call her GG and the kids will still occationally ask,"Who misses GG??!!" to which we all reply with smiles,"I DO!!!!" If I can give any encouragment, it is that the kids do understand much better than we do! When we told my 4 and 2 year old that she had passed away 30 minutes before they woke up, they ran into her room with smiles and laughs (you could have thought it was Christmas morning)and gave her lifeless body a hug. My 4 year old said to her,"GG you're in heaven now with you Mom and Dad and you don't have cancer anymore, I love you! And don't forget to make me pesto when I come!" The hospice nurse came a little thereafter to announce the time of death and started to give her condolences to the kids and they stopped her mid-sentence and told her that to day was a happy day, not sad!! We did have the kids leave the house before the coroner came to take the body, that was almost more than my husband could take! Though the end is not easy and GG suffered much, she had peace and love. I think more than most of us get on any given day! God Bless you and you family, may his Peace help you to the other side of this life!

Nicole Eckenrode, Maryland



Sharon Elliott on August 7, 2008 at 03:42 PM said:

You are an Insparation to anyone who is battling Cancer or any other Disease for that matter. My husband is battling Lymphomia. The Tumors are shrinking Thank God. His attitude is alot like yours. Although he is fighting some depression. I see changes in him now that he is on antidepressants. Your wife and family seem to be a strength for you. You are fortunate to have them. I pray you have STRENGTH, HEALING and many BLESSINGS to come your way. OH: Drink Carrott Apple Juice w/ a little parsley in it. Have a gret day God Bless



Mike Fenwick on August 7, 2008 at 06:38 AM said:

Mr. Fritz: You're a great inspiration to others and an extremely intelligent person. I've read many of your works and listened to your tapes and cds. It is my desire that you die on your own terms, that is, YOU retain control of the situation insofar as is possible and that those around you respect and honor your wishes. If I can be of any help please let me know.



Philip-Pehr: Persson on July 26, 2008 at 06:38 AM said:

I remember some good times we use to have..... Toastmasters Clovis Robbie Robinson Rick Heatter Your first "Advocates" class I still have some of the books you taught from... The last time I saw you was in Palm Desert. I saw you driving near Hwy 111 and Hwy 74 (intersection near the Palm Desert Shopping Center). I chased you till I got you to pull over... That had to be in the early 1990's. It seems to me we were both involved in something else together...can't remember...was it the Christian Businessmen's committee? I hope we can talk in the near future. Phil <'))><



John R on July 16, 2008 at 10:09 PM said:

Marshall - I met you in Toronto Canada during the mid 1980s. You delivered the most motivating presentation I had ever seen. As a result of you, I attended FEE twice.

I am so sorry to learn about your illness. But, your influence will live on and on and on!

God Bless!




Stephen L. Gerringer on July 13, 2008 at 01:05 PM said:


It's been a few decades, so no worries if you don't remember me (indeed, I'm finally at the age - 51 - where I'm noticing short term memory loss is less herbally-induced and more the onset of "senior moments"), but to a young, wide-eyed, idealistic Libertarian candidate from Modesto (state assembly twice, congress once) in the early 1980s, your focus, hard work, enthusiasm, and eternal optimism proved an inspiration.

You taught me by example that one's values aren't just a personal policy statement - what we'd like to believe - but are embodied in the way we live our lives ... and there is no doubt you have embraced your values with gusto.

Our paths took us in different directions - after my last campaign in 1986 I faced my own near-fatal illness (which does wonders for focusing the mind), and on recovery "dropped out," growing my hair long and spending the better part of a decade thumbing my way across the continent. Eventually I dropped back in, teaching junior high English, Literature, and, when I couldn't get out of it, a section or two of pre-algebra.

Of course, much as I loved my students, we ARE talking public school, and sooner or later the soul-crushing bureaucracy proves too much for most individualists - so I said goodbye to that career (along with salary and benefits), taking a leap into the unknown, much to the consternation of my wife.

Today I am "following my bliss" as part of the leadership team of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, a nonprofit organization that allows me to study and write about mythology, comparative religion, metaphysics, depth psychology, and popular culture to my heart's content.

Your faith moves me, Marshall, along with the way you have embraced your cancer as a gift.

I am reminded of the bodhisattva, a figure of Buddhist mythology, who achieves the realization of a Buddha, but instead of moving on to attain Nirvana chooses to stay in this realm and help others on their path to salvation through the example of "joyful participation in life's suffering" (a mythic motif in many ways congruent with the concept of "kenosis," whereby Christ "empties himself" of Godhood in order to experience life on the human plane).

Forgive the somewhat heady, esoteric metaphysics - but it's a sweet analogy to your attitude and approach, which certainly strikes me as "joyfully participating."

You and your family are in my prayers, and in my heart.

Steve Gerringer



George on July 11, 2008 at 02:47 AM said:

Hi Marshall,

We are back in Europe (BG, BP) already. Keep the spirit up, you have good chances!




Norman Horn on July 10, 2008 at 01:17 PM said:


Your commitment to your faith in Jesus Christ and your dedication to liberty is an inspiration to us all. I only hope I can "kick the bucket" with as much accomplished as you! God bless you and your family.

Norman Horn University of Texas at Austin, Libertarian Longhorns



Mark Hinkle on July 8, 2008 at 01:41 AM said:


So many things have been said about you in the many comments left by your admirers, that I'm not sure what I can add. But, let's try this: you imparted many many ideas for selling freedom and liberty, some of which managed to get through my thick skull and which I use to this day as a candidate for the 27th Assembly district (guess which Party I'm running in?).

You've clearly changed a number of lives, mine included, and most notably for the better. So, thanks for that and so much more.

Yours in Liberty

Mark Hinkle, LNC Regional Rep. Candidate for the 27th Assembly District, Etc., etc. etc.



Liane Davies on July 7, 2008 at 05:48 AM said:

They that know thee not may call upon thee as other than thou art and so worship not thee but a creature of their own fancy therefore enlighten our minds that we may know thee as thou art so that we may perfectly love thee and worthily praise thee in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord amen



Paul Botts on July 5, 2008 at 04:56 PM said:

Hi Marshall, We met at the Illinois Libertarian convention about 10-11 years ago. You and I had an interesting discussion about Christianity and libertarianism. I'm so sad to hear about your medical news. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. Paul Botts



Wayne Grantham on July 5, 2008 at 12:58 PM said:


We only met once, at one of the Hancocks' and Victors' Freedom Summits. I enjoyed your speech.

It's with sadness that I hear about your illness, but I know you'll make the best of what time you have left, as we all must.

With warmest regards, and deepest respect, Wayne Grantham, Los Angeles



Mike Holmes on July 5, 2008 at 10:22 AM said:

It is difficult to read of your situation without feeling a selfish kind of sadness. I still resent the absence of others who have already passed beyond my reach. But this isn't about me. I can see that you are taking the same fearless and relentlessly positive approach now that you have always done, with perhaps an extra side order of God. Well done! Be true to yourself. Have a safe journey friend. Your legacy is secure. You can now enjoy that extra slice of pie without regrets.

See you soon. Peace & love & freedom. MH



Marie Angell on July 5, 2008 at 08:25 AM said:

Mr. Fritz, we have never met although we run in overlapping circles (and what a fine image that is!). I was notified of your illness by Barry Klein of the Houston Property Rights Assocation. I have been to Advocates events, etc.

We are unschooling homeschoolers and that's working just fine. Although we are not "classical," one means to combining classical ed with unschooling may be to have a household immersed in the classical. While I admire much about classical ed, I have not endeavored to expose my children to it to any depth. My children are certainly influenced by what we the parents do and I'm sure if I read Shakespeare and Aristotle every day, it would have affected their choices. This is but a rough example, of course, but we have taken a great deal from Maria Montessori's "prepared environment" and that has worked for us.

I am sorry to learn of your illness. A friend of ours with pancreatic cancer held on for quite a long time through chemotherapy, a couple of years in fact. I hope that you are able to get through your bucket list.

You have given so much to the world and I want to thank you for it. Just in the last 10 years, home schooling has gone from something of an avant garde thng to do to something to be envied. Real discussions have begun about getting the government out of education (although, of course, there's quite a long way to go on that front).

You have accomplished so much, but there's no reason to go gentle into that goodnight just yet, and, surveying your to do list, I trust you won't.

Best regards.



Kev Kienzle on July 3, 2008 at 07:37 AM said:

For years I enjoyed listening to (and still do!) the series of Advocates tapes you made back in the 80's and early 90's. You put a big warm friendly human face to libertarianism that just sucked me right in.

Then I saw the face to put to the voice. It was quite a treat to me to meet you and Carole Ann Rand at an LP meeting in Pittsburgh somewhere in the early middle 90's. You were even bigger than life. And louder. And clearly you were having a hell of a good time. I think we all did.

My thanks, Marshall, for all you've done. And best wishes for what's to come.



Bob Hellam on June 28, 2008 at 02:32 PM said:

Marshall, I just sent an e-mail to the Advocates, before I noticed this link. Here is what I said in the e-mail: I was just talking to Larry Samuels, the head of the Libertarian Party here in Seaside CA, and he told me about your condition. Please accept my sympathy, and know that I am praying for you. Thank you for all your good work! In Christ, Bob Hellam



Doug Klippel, Jacksonville FL on June 27, 2008 at 07:59 AM said:

Dear Marshall:

It was a pleasure to see you once again at your celebration event in Atlanta. I was pleased to see you in such good spirits, surrounded by your friends. I have followed your work closely over the years, and have learned so much from your books, tapes, speeches, and other works. Your work has left its mark upon my life, and for that I will be forever grateful. God bless and keep you, and thanks for being a part of my life.



I. Dean Ahmad on June 22, 2008 at 12:34 PM said:

Dear Marshall,

I kept hoping almost to the last minute I could find some way to join you in LA, but it wasn't going to happen. Marshall, my friend, you are an inspiration to all of us. I'm, not going to send you flowers or food, but if you do not already have a copy of _Islam and the Discovery of Freedom_, let me know. It was you who introduced me to Rose Wilder Lane's remarkable study on the role Islam played in the advancement of liberty and I owe you as much as as I owe Roger MacBride for making that book possible. So, if you don't already have a copy, send me an address to mail it to!

In liberty, Dean



Sherman Unkefer on June 21, 2008 at 06:17 PM said:


Thank you for your inspiring message!

My wife just received word from her Oncologist, Tuesday of this week, that she has a cancerous tumor along her spine, that we will remove and get on with life.

God Bless,

Sherman Unkefer



Keijo on June 20, 2008 at 08:05 AM said:

Blessed may your steps be today when you will walk in Christ and his peace and joy with heaven in you, and let the face of the Lord shine on you all. Pray too for yours citys salvation,thanks and bless and hope,keijo sweden



John and Lydia Goode on June 19, 2008 at 02:53 PM said:

Marshall - We are with you in spirit on Saturday. Please do another one for those of us who are away. More congratulations and CHEERS from John and Lydia, Palos Verdes



Art Nutter on June 14, 2008 at 02:43 PM said:

Hey Marshall!

Man, I've got a good scotch and cigar for you, my friend! Look forward to seeing you in Hollywood next week!

We're keeping the pressure up, and taking it into Legatus.

BTW - due to your (and others) prayers, Sebastian is still free! Marysa just got married 2 weeks ago, shortly after Alan was here in town.

Art and Kathy Nutter Colorado Springs, CO



Michael Leppert on June 11, 2008 at 04:01 PM said:

Marshall, thank you 1000 times for all of the help you have provided to the homeschooling cause all over the nation and in California. If we had another hundred warriors like you, we could turn on all the lights and as John Gatto says "send the bugs scurrying"!

See you on the other side, my friend. Save me a good seat. Love, Peace and Power to the People.



OJ Johnson on June 10, 2008 at 10:37 PM said:

For the many words of wisdom and encouragement during the years of my Christian School experience as Principal of the Apostolic Christian Academy, I must say thanks for the memories and stability established concerning the "Separation of Church and State" issues that matter today. I'm thankful that you Graced me with the presence of your awesome life. My prayers are with you and yours during this time of reflection and transition. You always inspired me with your wit and endurance of which I draw from in my current assignment as Senior Pastor of the Faith Worship Center Church. OJ Johnson



Carlo DiNota on June 10, 2008 at 08:37 PM said:

Dear Marshall,

You are in my prayers. You are an amazing human being. I was honored to speak at SepCon years back. You made quite the impression on me. Remember when we paid John Stossel a visit at his place in Manhattan?

Carlo Sarasota, Florida



Joyce Anderson on June 8, 2008 at 08:51 AM said:

Marshall, you have always been one of my favorite cousins. As a strong-willed wonderful man, I pray and believe that you will beat this. I have so many fond memories of the wonderful times we spent at your home in Westchester when we were all growing up - well, I guess we still are growing up! Your family was always so good to my family and myself. I hope you get to do all of the things you have on your bucket list, plus more. I pray that God will heal you and you will be back to 100% God bless you and your family. Love, Joyce and family



Michael Civiello on June 7, 2008 at 02:51 PM said:

Marshall - I'm still (20 years later) a paid up card carrying Libertarian. Just two weeks ago I was telling a person about the little 10 question quiz card you gave me. With best regards and prayers.

Michael Civiello



Bill Statler & Lenna Mahoney on June 6, 2008 at 06:43 PM said:

Marshall, we remember witnessing the first meeting between you and Murray Rothbard. It was at a California LP Convention, around 1984. As we recall it, you started bellowing "Oh, Professor Rothbard!!! It's such an honor to meet you!!! You are my greatest admirer!!! Oh!!! I am not worthy!!!", and you fell to your knees and kissed Rothbard's feet while continuing to shout his praises. Rothbard was utterly speechless!

Thank you for that memory, and for your work for liberty. Best wishes.



Pam Maltzman on June 6, 2008 at 05:46 PM said:

Marshall, you still give the best bear hugs on this earth.

Um, if it's not too presumptuous of me, I will add my voice to those who are urging you to seek out alternative medicine... I ran across a website which lists a LOT of alternative regimens, with links everywhere.

Sir, you are a wonderful man, and all of us want to see you beat this thing.

Dr. Max Gerson, among others, DID heal "incurables" with diseases such as pancreatic cancer, but there are many, many other regimens out there which might help. The Bob Beck protocol might also be of help... it's a form of electromedicine.

What can I say? Your orthodox doctors are telling you that you have a time frame within which they are betting you will die.

Many of us signing this guestbook are hoping that you will choose one or another form of alternative medicine and show those doctors up.

I'm not religious, but God bless you.



Iloilo Marguerite Jones on June 6, 2008 at 12:58 PM said:

Marshall, All love and best wishes for a superb new adventure from Ilo, Larry Dodge, Don Doig, and the rest of us here around FIJA. I am so glad I got to meet you and spend time with you in Nevada, and even happier that you shared a couple of super ideas with me. {{{hugs}}} ilo



Sunni Maravillosa on June 6, 2008 at 10:07 AM said:

Thank you for investing so much of your life in advancing liberty. Your legacy will be an inspiration to others; and your memory will live on in others whom you've touched.

I wish you all the best.



Randy Ice P.T., C.C.S. on June 6, 2008 at 06:50 AM said:

Hi Marshall:

I am a cardiopulmonary physical therapist who is into alternative medicine in a very big way. You may want to give the Kelly Protocol a try. Dr. Kelly cured his own pancreatic cancer as well as MANY others with his regime. Dr. Nicholas Gonzales in New York City is carrying on his nutritional treatment approach to pancreatic cancer. IV vitamin C in high doses would be a useful addition as well as the maple syrup/sodium bicarbonate combo (Take 1 TBS orally 2 - 3 times daily). Mix 3:1 ratio of maple syrup to baking soda in a saucepan while heating slightly on the stove to mix the two ingredients. Eating cottage cheeze with flaxseed oil mixed in per Dr. Budwig in Germany would be worthwhile trying. These are the things I would try if I had any type of malignancy.
Good luck and hope this information is helpful. Randy Ice P.T., C.C.S. Vintage Medical Group Temecula, Calif.



Steve Kossor on June 5, 2008 at 09:15 PM said:

I'm going to miss the opportunity to see you in the flesh and listen to your insights and wisdom in person, but your ideas and words will live forever among the most truthful ever spoken about the education of children in America. You are a giant among men, Marshall, and I will always be my privilege to have called you a friend. I'll see you sooner or later, too. We both know where we're going to spend eternity. I'll know somebody smart when I get there.



Marc Fey on June 5, 2008 at 08:55 PM said:

Marshall-- Thank you for the gift of your life. As one of your Focus on the Family friends, I have wonderful memories of your passion for the family and its intersection with education. Your laughter, wise quips, and self-deprecating sense of humor are a gift. Your investment in others will endure. The great grace of God to you and your family.




Gary A. Fowler on June 5, 2008 at 07:05 PM said:

Marshall - more about graviola, a very potent, powerful cancer killer. See Dr. Valerie Saxion at who has a product labeled "JC360." This is graviola extract, which is more potent than the plant itself. 

You do not have to believe that cancer is going to beat you. Everyone wants to live to be 100 or more -- why not you too? You need to get past your doubts, you need to believe me, and you need to at least try the graviola extract.

Then **WHEN** you go into permanent remission, you can show your oncologist what you used, and you can tell the world that you beat inoperable cancer.

Gary A. Fowler -- Covington, KY



Lew Randall on June 5, 2008 at 05:52 PM said:

We don't know each other. I'm one of those strangers you've helped along the way, without ever meeting face to face. I just wanted to say thanks for all you've done to make this silly world of ours a better, and freer, and more beautiful place to live in.



Fran Selin Barnes on June 3, 2008 at 12:52 PM said:

Darling Marshall, Well, this is a post from probably one of the longest (I won't say oldest) friends on here!!! We've known each other since our Junior year in Karachi...can you believe it? So many memories. So interesting to read about Bridge playing mom taught us Bridge lo these many years and we are all still playing! Amazing. Then there is Church Sunday mornings, remember our Priest with the long brown robes? long hair, beard, looked like Jesus? He was so great with us young kids.

Then many years later my family, husband & 2 boys, moved to Guadalajara, Mexico.(1971-1977). I had reached the point where I wanted my boys to be raised with that same family ethic we had been raised with. Imagine my surprise when I found out that your mom and dad lived there also. What a treat. Your mom said she was my Mexican Mother, and she was. What a great, fun-loving woman. And she did love you and was so proud of you.

Remember in Karachi, when my boyfriend was leaving, and when anyone left, several friends would go out to the airport to bid farewell? Well, your mom had her VW bus filled with a bunch of us to send him off, and she came to pick me up. Well!! MY mother would not let me go. So old-fashioned! Remember, this was a midnight departure for the Pan Am around-the-world flight. I was dad, my hero who worked at the airport with Pan Am, said he would take me. My mom wasn't too happy!! LOL

Anyway, thank goodness I have seen you several times since I started the Karachi Reunions way back in '86. What a joy to have shared so much of our lives together.

Love you much, Marshall. Fran Selin



Sister Pilar & Sisters on June 1, 2008 at 09:43 PM said:

Hello Marshall,

We were so delighted to hear the "Good news - bad news" of the celebration of your life! It's all grace. It truly is God's grace to see that you are ready for whatever, to go or to stay, but to be thankful no matter what. You know that the doctors say this or that- and they know a lot! but they don't know what God knows. You are in our prayers for healing, if this is the will of God. Most importantly you are in prayer so that you can do just this: to celebrate your life. We believe this is a terrific attitude.

There are lots of things for which we are grateful to you, even for the soups that you prepared for us for any reason or for no reason! Your presence at Mass for several years, your big smile and words of kindness. Still remember when one of the eighth graders did his reading at Mass so well that you gifted him with a thank you, a word of encouragement, and a book.

Big smile, big heart, big faith. That defines you as a big man, very much loved by God, by your family, and by countless people, including the Sisters in Clovis and as far as the Dominican Republic. I wll pass the news of your health to Sister Margarita Chico.

Always in our prayer for the best, and God knows what this is.

Sister Pilar, RCM


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