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Archived July 21, 2006

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Few deny schools need change:

11 in city targeted for takeover have low test scores

by Sara Neufeld

BaltimoreSun.com reporter

Originally published April 3, 2006

La'Chelle Alston, 14, stood before the
Baltimore school board in late February and asked for help at her school, Chinquapin Middle.
     "During this present school year," the eighth-grader said, "there have been numerous incidents occurring involved in all three grade levels. For example, food fights, fistfights, setting fires, pulling the fire alarm, smoking in the hallways and stairwells, group fights, robberies and parents attacking teachers, just to name a few....."

Government's Big Lie:
The "Crisis" of Babies With Undiagnosed Mental Illness
by Laura Adelmann
Magic City Morning Star Guest Column
March 21, 2006

: The Federal Mental Health Action Agenda, the blueprint to implementing the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, is targeting America's youngest by promoting mental health screenings in places like daycares and schools.....

U. S. Children 4-17 Years of Age Who Received Services for Emotional or Behavioral Difficulties: Preliminary Data From the 2005 National Health Interview Survey
by Gloria A. Simpson, M. A., Robin A. Cohen, Ph.D., Division of Health Interview Statistics; Patricia N. Pastor, Ph.D., and Cynthia A. Reuben, M.A., Office of Analysis and Epidemiology
Last Reviewed February 22, 2006

Nearly 1 in every 20 US children, ages 4-17, is prescribed drugs to alter behavior. That averages to about one student in every classroom in America, but percentages are higher among boys than girls.....

College Illiteracy Stuns Educators
by Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld
January 12, 2006

Excerpt:  Stunned, shocked and appalled are American educators as they study the recent report from the National Center of Education Statistics, which reveals that only 31 percent of college graduates can read a complex book and extrapolate.....

Publik Skule vs. Home School
by Doug Giles
Townhall.com, January 8, 2005

  I was sitting at our neighborhood pool New Year's morning, enjoying the great South Florida weather while trying to grind out a couple of chapters for my new book, when three high school girls took the chaise lounges next to me and started talking about their New Year's Eve party with their high school mates.....


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Archived News - 1
Archived July 21, 2006

Some of the more
well-known signers of our proclamation:

Ed Crane
President, Cato Institute

John Taylor Gatto
1991 New York State Teacher of the Year

Fr. John A Hardon
The Catholic Catechism

Don Hodel
Former Secretary of Interior

D. James Kennedy
Coral Ridge Ministries

Rev. Tim LaHaye
Left Behind

Rabbi Daniel Lapin
President, Toward Tradition

Tom Monaghan
Founder, Domino’s Pizza

Ron Paul
US Congressman, Texas

John K Rosemond
Parenting Author, Columnist, Speaker

They and 29,000  others have signed Our Proclamation

"I favor ending government involvement in education."