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Stalled in America
Why one Hispanic immigrant is being trashed for his blueprint for success
Opinion Journal from
© The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page
Posted December 29, 2006


Excerpt: Like many millions of other immigrants, New Yorker Herman Badillo is living the American Dream. His new book, "One Nation, One Standard," is a call to arms for Hispanics who are being shut out of that dream. So why are some of Mr. Badillo's fellow Hispanic Americans now calling him a race traitor and bashing his book even before it was published yesterday? 

Comments by Alan Schaeffer:  Some Hispanic parents complain that the government school system is not educating their children for them.  Mr. Badillo tells Hispanic parents that they cannot depend on the government to educate their children.  Here is a credentialed official who represents the largest American subgroup dominating the news and he is telling them to expect the system to doom them.


Wow!  So often we hear these are the “kind of people” who would be left to a fate of poverty and marginalization or worse if not for our public schools. Our public schools are always being defended and justified based on the need to integrate and Americanize immigrants.


“Parents are the ones who can change this” is what I hear Mr. Badillo saying. At least he is clear about not waiting for government school to do it for them.  Bravo!




The Supreme Court declined to review the Ninth Circuit Court's ruling after parents' appealed the decision.  The Supreme Court sees no need to reconsider parents' rights!


Do parents have rights?  See our full story plus the Ninth Circuit Court's ruling.


Protests Call for Public School Exodus

by Michael Coulter
© School Reform News
December 1, 2006

Publisher: The Heartland Institute


ExcerptHouston lawyer Bruce Shortt refers to himself as an ordinary guy who "lives in flyover country." But he has an unusual pastime that has attracted both critics and supporters: He's working to encourage parents to "leave behind" public schools…


Shortt might be one of the loudest voices calling for people of faith to boycott public schools, but he's not the only one…


More Black Families Choosing Homeschooling

by Daschell M. Phillips

© School Reform News

Posted October 1, 2006

Publisher: The Heartland Institute


Excerpt:  The number of African-American parents choosing to homeschool their children is increasing, according to industry researchers and advocates...


The trend has spawned several new support groups, including organizations such as the National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance (NAAHA) and the National Black Home Educators Resource Association. Web sites and magazines targeted specifically at African-American homeschooling parents likewise indicate an increase of interest on the part of black parents...


School is a Tool
by Richard O Rowland
© Hawaii Reporter
November 7, 2006

Excerpt:  About 11 years ago, I sponsored an evening event in
Hawaii that featured the founder of The Alliance for the Separation of School and State.  That organization is alive and well today . . . It was a clarifying moment for me.  I saw the rubber meet the road.  The standard government education system never really respects the responsibility and accountability of parents...


Dr. Bruce N. Shortt, author of The Harsh Truth About Public Schools, and Pastor Wiley Drake, Southern Baptist Convention, second vice president, inspire K-12 on-line academy

Excerpt:  When Pastor Wiley Drake and Bruce Shortt called for an Exit Strategy Resolution, Southern Baptists across the nation answered.  Now, The Southern Baptist Academy is prepared to do its part in furthering this revolution.

It is our mission to provide existing Southern Baptist churches and missionary organizations with the affordable educational resources they need to bring about a mass exodus from the public school system.

Learn more about The Southern Baptist Academy.



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Archived News - 4
Archived March 21, 2007

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Rev. Tim LaHaye
Left Behind

Rabbi Daniel Lapin
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