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Education is a religious exercise

By Ed Iverson

Lahontan Valley News and Fallon Eagle Standard

Posted March 21, 2007


Excerpt:  Education is a religious exercise. It cannot be otherwise. It is never a question about religion in the classroom, yes or no? It is always a question about which religion will inform the classroom...


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End State Mandated Ideological Indoctrination
Unalienable Rights
Posted March 8, 2007

ExcerptThe idea of separating education from state control is coming into its own. The very concept of liberty, an unalienable right, includes the liberty to raise one’s children according to their world view. The preservation of liberty along with other unalienable rights is the very essence of government. When government finds itself an antagonist to this end then government has abdicated its rightful role...

Public vs. Private Education and the Motive to Lie


As the articles featured below show, public schools have every motive to lie, and they've become adept at it.  Lying about test results both protects and prospers them.  With a never-ending source of funding — and government at all levels falling over itself to produce more — the temptation is overwhelming.


Do private schools face the same temptation?  Better performance can certainly result in more demand for the schools' services, but there is a big difference.


When parents pay for education directly, they also pay attention to the return on their investment — their children's progress.  When parents don't pay directly and when they've been trained to trust the state and discouraged from questioning its authority, they assume they're being told the truth about their children's progress, and state schools become essentially unaccountable, left free to play the bureaucratic game of who can attract the most funding.


It's one more reason to reject education by the state and take back our children and our society.

The Truth, but Not the Whole Truth...
by Vin Suprynowicz
Posted March 9, 2007

Excerpt:  ... But the most important fact here is that the Clark County School District is now revealed to be not an objective and reliable judge and arbiter when it comes to measuring the efficacy of all-day kindergarten, but rather a lobbyist for said program, willing and able to massage and manipulate facts and figures to "come out right" in an attempt to get this program approved...

Corruption in the Schools
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Posted March 6, 2007

Excerpt:  ... This is corruption. Teachers are handing out grades kids do not deserve. States are dumbing down tests to make themselves look good. Voters are being deceived about how much kids are learning...

A call for separation of school and state

by Jeff Jacoby, Globe Columnist

© The Boston Globe

Posted March 4, 2007


Excerpt:  Once Americans may have agreed on what children should be taught, but that day is long gone. On any number of fundamental issues, parents today are sharply divided, and there is no way a government-run, one-curriculum-fits-all education system can satisfy all sides. The only way to end the political battles over schooling is to depoliticize the schools. And the only way to do that is to separate school and state…


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Time for the next school reform plan?
You can be sure more than one is already brewing to deal with this latest crisis. The good news is that 8 million American students will not be subjected to whatever it turns out to be. The other good news is that there are options for those who are still trapped in the never-ending circus of public school reform.

Grades rise, but reading skills fall, data suggest
by Greg Toppo

Updated February 23, 2007


WASHINGTON — U.S. high school seniors are taking more challenging coursework and earning higher grades than ever, but their reading skills have actually worsened since 1992, data released Thursday by the U.S. Education Department suggest.


What happens when the state controls education?
In today's world, it's much more than just dictating what children can and can't learn.  Here's one chilling example of what the future holds for all who are beholden to the government for their children's schooling.


Texas orders cancer vaccine for girls

by Liz Austin Peterson

© The Associated Press

Posted February 3, 2007

Excerpt:  AUSTIN, Texas - Republican Gov. Rick Perry issued an order Friday making Texas the first state to require that schoolgirls be vaccinated against the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.


By using an executive order, Perry sidestepped opposition in the Legislature from conservatives and parents-rights groups that fear such a requirement…



Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Safety

Analysis of Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System Reports:
Adverse Reactions, Concerns and Implications


Excerpt:  On June 8th 2006, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the approval of GARDASIL, and on June 29th the Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices (ACIP) voted to recommend adding GARDASIL human papilloma virus vaccine to the Centers for Disease Control's national childhood recommended immunization schedule. On July 14th the first report of a serious reaction to the vaccine was filed with the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).


A 16-year-old Illinois girl was vaccinated July 7th and 13 days later developed symptoms eventually diagnosed as Guillian-Barre Syndrome. A 14-year-old girl in the District of Columbia was vaccinated on July 11th and complained of severe pain immediately following the injection, fell off the examining table and experienced a 10 to 15 second fainting spell ending up in the emergency room with a headache and speech problems. The report of this reaction, the first in the nation, was filed on July 14th, 15 days after the ACIP vote.


Six months later, 82 reports of GARDASIL reactions have been submitted to VAERS…

Home Schooling Movement
Religion & Ethics
Produced by PBS

This new program,
Home Schooling Movement, highlights Christian homeschoolers and is being broadcast on PBS stations around the country January 13-14.  This link will allow you to see when it is being broadcast in your area.

Don’t worry if you see this notice after the program has been broadcast or if your local PBS station is not carrying the program.  This link will give you the program via streaming video.


My highlight is when Bruce Shortt beautifully answers Professor Reich of Stanford, who advocates more regulation of homeschoolers.  If you also like Bruce’s answer, you’ll love Bruce’s article, Homeschool regulation: The revenge of the failures.

Homeschool regulation: The revenge of the failures
by Bruce N. Shortt, Ph.D.
© 2007 
Posted January 4, 2007

ExcerptIn their never-ending effort to "help" homeschoolers, public school bureaucrats periodically try to increase homeschooling regulations. This makes K-12 education perhaps a unique endeavor: it's a field in which the failures regularly, and astonishingly, insist that they should be able to regulate the successful.


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Archived News - 5
Archived May 8, 2007

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