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Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Public School

...I Learned in Calvin & Hobbes Comic Books

by B.R. Merrick

Strike The Root

Posted March 31, 2008


Excerpt: There is nothing salvageable or redeemable about this institution [public school].  Do whatever you can to keep your kids away from it…  

School Reform: Easier Said Than Done

by David W. Kirkpatrick, Senior Education Fellow

US Freedom Foundation

Posted December 28, 2007


Excerpt: Perhaps no institution, occupation or profession is as difficult, or impossible, to reform as public education.  Schools are bigger, more expensive, and have some recent features such as computers but, in the main, they are basically the same as they have been since the public school system began to officially emerge in the 1830s with passage of the Common School Act in Pennsylvania.

California homeschooling case to be reheard
by Bob Egelko, Staff Writer
SFGate.com/San Francisco Chronicle
Posted March 27, 2008

Special Bulletin: Homeschool Ruling Vacated; Court Will Reconsider

Posted March 26, 2008


Excerpt: Pacific Justice Institute has just received word that the court ruling which declared most forms of homeschooling unlawful in California has been vacated.

California Homeschool organizations join forces to protect homeschooling


What's going on with Homeschooling in California?

The Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, Division Three, has ruled that parents without teaching credentials have no constitutional right to educate their children.


The situation has drawn the attention and action of thousands of homeschoolers, California state education officials, the governor of California, and news sources across the country.


It should be stressed that California law has not changed. While this particular judgment does open the door to interpret future cases with similar harshness, it will take some time before the actual implications of this case for average homeschoolers may be fully realized. The most important thing to do is stay informed and not make any decisions in a panic.

The resources on our website should help you understand the threat to homeschooling in California and the wisdom of various responses to it.

The Activist and the Contract

Dale Mezzacappa Interview
Teachers UnionFacts



Those who wish to reform public schools are up against not only the government, the media who basically support the schools, and decades of state-induced public apathy about education, but also strong-armed teachers unions, as is powerfully illustrated in this article.


Excerpt: “If teachers don’t improve kids’ learning, what are they there for?” I asked. “What should they be judged on? What are they getting paid to do?”


To which I got the remarkable rejoinder: “Teacher performance and student achievement have nothing to do with each other.”

Homeschoolers Break Attendance Records at Public Hearing

Home School Legal Defense Association

Posted February 27, 2008


1300 Nebraska homeschoolers show up at hearing to protest restrictive bill. College professors testify on behalf of homeschoolers.


An Interview with Karen Horwitz: About Teachers and Teacher Abuse

By Michael F. Shaughnessy, Senior Columnist


Posted February 12, 2008


Excerpt: I returned to teaching in my forties, after earning a Master's degree in reading, and discovered that the system could not tolerate dedicated, competent, mature teachers, the very teachers children need...

We must take their [those who control the public school system] power from them and only we the people can do this because the courts, the media, and no one else will!


Alliance Note: And the only way to take their power from them is to take our children from them.


Money left behind

Lincoln Elementary is among a small number of U.S. schools turning down Title I funds -- and gaining independence.

By Susie Pakoua Vang
The Fresno Bee

Posted January 20, 2008

Excerpt: Last fall, one little elementary school in this poor farm town did something startling: it said no to nearly $250,000 in federal funds.

In exchange, Lincoln Elementary gained something its teachers considered even more valuable: more independence.


Comment: Imagine this little school next saying no to state money, then county taxes. Imagine it choosing independence step-by-step. The first step can be the liberating sense of freedom that leads to the next - and the next.

Congress Shall Make No Law Respecting an Establishment of an Education System

By Nancy Salvato

Columnist EdNews.org

Posted January 11, 2008


Excerpt:  Had there been written in the Bill of Rights that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of a system of education, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, we probably would have an education system that works.



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Archived News - 8
Archived June 25, 2008

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