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We Are Losing Our Children, the remarks by T. C. Pinckney at the 2001 Southern Baptist Convention.

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I would say to you, dear friends, it may require some sacrifice, but I urge you to send your children to godly schools. If you send them off to some public school, keep in mind that you are shooting dice with your children's eternal souls. It is a gamble that no Christian should be willing to make.


Don't send an eight-year-old out to take on a forty-year-old humanist. I have never seen any people more unhappy than fathers or mothers who have come to me and said, "Where did we go wrong? We gave him everything, and now he's turned his back completely on everything we believe." Yes, they gave him everything but a Christian education.

Dr. D. James Kennedy (Training Your Children 396060)



Mission:  Assist Christians to work within their own denominations to alert parents of the staggering loss of faith and morals in children who attend the officially neutral "public schools," and help them find ways to move children into Christian education, whether in campus schools or homeschooling. For a short list of options, please see Education Resources.


You can use us as a clearinghouse to find others in your denomination who are alarmed about the loss of youth to the world. You will find on this website a growing collection of resolutions and other ideas you can adapt for your own use.


Our medium-range plans are to assist you further in at least three more ways:


1.   Offer a study kit to evaluate just how serious is the fall away from faith by youth in your congregation. This assessment process can help parents and church leadership get through the "denial" that so many seem to have about the harm of Godless schooling to their children. Rather than depend on national studies showing a 70-88 percent loss rate, you can examine your own congregationís loss rate for the last 10-15 years.


2.   Be a clearinghouse of ways to help Christian students practice "safe school." For instance, when the Mormons decided to convert their Utah religious schools (about 1936) to government-run schools, they set up what they call "seminary." High school students are required to have one hour of religious training every day prior to going to school.


In the evangelical world, Eric Buehrer's "Gateways to Better Education" is dedicated to helping Christian parents cope with some of the undermining effects of school-by-government.


3.   Two of the greatest challenges to parents and pastors in moving children to Christian education are (a) cost and (b) availability.


One possible long-range solution is to find creative schooling options to make Christian education more efficient, that is, do a better and better job while finding ways to reduce costs.


One promising method is the National Association of University-Model Schools created in the early 1990s in Arlington, Texas, and now spreading rapidly (24 schools in fall 2004). NAUMS combines some of the best features of home- and campus-schooling, allowing more affordability and ensuring more family togetherness.


Staffing: Alan Schaeffer, Alliance for Separation of School & State President, is acting as the Interim Director of "GTKO" (pronounced Get Ko).


Board of Advisors: The founding Board of Advisors includes:


       Leo Boyle, Founding Principal of Bethesda Christian Institute

       Cathy Duffy, homeschool author and speaker; founder of Grove Publishing (

       Rev. E. Ray Moore, homeschool father and president of Exodus Mandate (

       T.C. Pinckney, Brigadier General, USAF (ret.); homeschool grandfather; co-author of Christian Education Resolution submitted to Southern Baptist Convention for consideration at 2004 annual meeting.

       Pastor Larry Reagan, So. Baptist minister and founder of Eagle Christian Academy

       David Redding, Vice President of Academic Services, Alpha Omega Publications

       Daniel Smithwick, president of Nehemiah Institute ( and author of the PEERS test

       Bruce Shortt, homeschool father, attorney, co-author of Christian Education Resolution submitted to Southern Baptist Convention for consideration at 2004 annual meeting

       Dr. Marc Stout, Founding Headmaster of Dominion Christian High School (

       Virgil Swearingen, homeschool grandfather


Corporate status: GTKO was launched as a project of the Alliance for Separation of School & State, a non-profit educational organization founded in in 1994. Donations to GTKO are tax-deductible within the limits of IRS Section 501(c)(3). Our tax-exempt number is 77-0539599. The Alliance is strictly educational and leaves all lobbying, electioneering, referenda, and litigation to other groups.


GTKO was formally announced with a news release to over 2,000 U.S. media outlets on June 21, 2004.


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