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If you can handle a paradigm threat with a whiff of humor, read Brad Heath's Millstones & Stumbling Blocks.


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Millstones & Stumbling Blocks

by Bradley Heath

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REVIEW of Millstones & Stumbling Blocks

by Tammy Drennan 

Bradley Heath’s short and highly readable book has garnered rave reviews from such people as Cathy Duffy and E. Ray Moore.


Mr. Heath can turn a phrase, and you’ll find yourself underlining more than a few sentences. The book could almost qualify as a collection of quotations (see end of review for examples).


The premise of the book, according to the author’s preface, is to demonstrate to unconvinced Christian parents that “public schools are stumbling blocks, not building blocks.” The author warns that he will not sugar-coat the situation, and he does not. He tells it exactly as he sees it.


Partway through the book, Mr. Heath broadens his thesis by exploring the role of evangelical Christianity in promoting anti-intellectualism and low academic standards, as well as its role in perpetuating the public school system. He is himself an evangelical Christian, so he’s not an outsider looking smugly in.


It should be noted that Millstones & Stumbling Blocks is a book of pronouncements more than of evidence. The author presumes that the reader already suspects that all is not well with the public schools and will have his conscience and awareness further tweaked by reading some well-worded expressions of his suspicions. Those already in the Separation camp will appreciate finding their own sentiments so smoothly crafted.


It should also be noted that the book was most certainly written for and about Christians. The non-Christian will not likely relate very well to the author’s contentions, though it is always worthwhile to expose yourself to another person’s worldview.


Mr. Heath is a good writer, and his book will prove food for thought for all readers. Several appendices offer further resources for those who wish to pursue independence from state schooling. Appendix A offers a bonus — recommendations on reading for the purpose of self-education and enlightenment; it’s a 10-point list of suggestions that range from what to read to how to read, and even to what binding you might want on your books.


My copy of Millstones & Stumbling Blocks is heavily underlined and notes litter the margins. I suspect your copy will end up looking the same.

Tammy Drennan
works as a senior writer for the Alliance for the Separation of School & State.

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Excerpts from the Book

Ultimately, I learned these lessons from my public school teachers:  Faith is private, subjective, and compartmentalized. Truth is relative, situational, and individualized. The greatest virtues are openness, tolerance, and diversity, and the worst wrong is to ever think you’re right. (p. 17)


Yes, God is in public schools, like the night shift janitor — out of sight and out of mind. (p.25)


A daily drenching in public school will not evaporate in an hour of Sabbath sunshine. (p. 37)


American Christians place far too much confidence in their children’s baptism or recitation of a sinner’s prayer; not nearly enough emphasis is placed on biblical parenting and discipleship. (p. 37)


[T]he sorry state of public schooling has been achieved with a majority of Christian families still enrolled. We are living with the daily result of Christian children being “salt and light” in public schools... (p. 53)


There is something dreadfully wrong when the church, without compulsion, pushes its children into the arms of a secular state to be nurtured, discipled, and trained. (p. 62)


[T]he church is wasting time evangelizing at the front door while its children slip out the back. (p. 71)


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Evangelical Christian




Why read it?

  • Highly readable & quotable
  • Short (under 150 pages, including appendices)
  • Resources and bonus material in appendices
  • Thought-provoking 


Recommended ideas


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About the author


Bradley Heath is an impassioned advocate for the recovery of substantive Christian education.  Raised in rural Indiana, he graduated from Purdue University as an aeronautical engineer and has worked in commercial aviation in California, Arizona, and Ohio.  Heath has been an active member of the evangelical church and has served as an ordained elder and a Christian school administrator.  Brad and his wife, Tari, have been married for twenty-five years and have three children - all classically home educated. 

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What others are saying:


There is no greater failing among Christians than our lack of obedience in the education of our children.  We must stop offering our children up as living sacrifices to the Moloch of government schools.  Whether we make the necessary sacrifices to provide our children with a Christian education will determine whether future generations bless us for bringing about a spiritual and cultural renewal or curse us for allowing a once great Christian nation to slide into darkness.  Brad Heath understands the stakes and eloquently points the way.


- Bruce ShorttAttorney, Author of The Harsh Truth about Public Schools 


Christian parents with children in the government school system can't receive Brad Heath's hard, pointed, and piercing message often enough.  Contrary to the firmly held but false beliefs of many Christian parents, the government school system is not a blessing from God, but rather, a millstone about the neck of our nation, and more specifically about the neck of the children that the Lord has entrusted to the diligent care of their believing parents.  As Brad Heath aptly points out, "We did not know this" will not be a satisfactory response from parents when called to give an account for giving their children up to "Caesar."


- Patch Blakely, Executive Director, The Association of Classical & Christian Schools


Unlike other books advocating Christian education, Millstones confronts the practical and theological errors of the evangelical church in abdicating the education of children to the government schools.  Families persuaded of the necessity of Christian education will find useful points of dialogue for helping others understand and commit to Christian schools or home education.  Heath's analysis of the cultural and moral consequences of rejecting Christian education and embracing public schooling is among the best yet written.  If the trumpet gives an uncertain sound who will prepare for battle?  Heath sounds a clarion call for the evangelical church to commit to Christian education as part of their walk of faith and obedience. 


E. Ray Moore, Jr., Chaplain (Lt. Col.) USAR Ret.; Founder and Director, Exodus Mandate; author of Let My Children Go

If you can handle a paradigm threat with a whiff of humor, read Brad Heath's Millstones & Stumbling Blocks. 


Marshall Fritz, Chairman and Founder, Alliance for the Separation of School & State


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