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Homeschool  Mom Uses Alliance to Spread Message

I … am a regular “lurker” on your website.  As I have home schooled for thirteen years, I have shared many news article[s], websites and general information with parents that are in a state of flux regarding their children’s education.  Several have been convinced that their children do not belong in the public system.  Your site is a major resource for these parents to see the varied approaches to education.


Again, thank you for sharing the information regarding the two California bills.  I, too, have shared the outrageous presumption on the part of the state with parents who actually know what the responsibilities of the state are, compared with the responsibilities of the parents.  As you well know, the “authorities” have been crossing the Constitutional limits for quite some time.  I believe the time has come for parents to take back their obligations and exercise their parental rights so the state has diminished capacity for harm.  Those in authority know they have gone beyond the authority bounds, but appear to be beholden to the activists that want to change this society into an anti-American regime.  For those who know History, this is not a new tactic, nor will it be the last. 


Please keep up the good work.  It is effective.




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Updated March 26, 2010